My Favorite Zombies

Who’d you’d like to face off with?

10 favorite zombie characters in film and Literature

10. Zombieland clown zombie. My two biggest fears combined. I guess Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) and I can bond over this if we survive the apocalypse.

9. The food pantry zombies from The Walking dead. These were so scary I watched the entire scene with hands over my eyes. Talk about the worst-case scenario: small spaces and murky water.

8. Bill Murray from Zombieland. Okay, he wasn’t really a zombie at first, but the make-up and his unexpected demise is too good not to include.

7.  Ed (Nick Frost) from Shaun of the Dead. Keeping your best bud close after he turns into a zombie shows what true friendship is all about.

6. Melanie from The Girl with all the Gifts by M. R. Carey. A child zombie with intelligence. This could be good or very, very bad for the world.

5. The teeth-clicking zombie from World War Z. I still hear that noise in my nightmares.

A Tale of Two Stories: a World War Z Evaluation | Evaluation Blog

4. Ben Cortman from Last Man on Earth by Richard Mattheson.  Mattheson blurs the line between vampires and zombies in his novel with Robert Neville’s former best friend turning into his zombie-like nemesis. So good!

3. Night of the Living Dead. Sure, the hordes are creepy, but my pick is Karen, the young girl. Don’t “get in the cellar.” You have no idea what is waiting down there.

2.  Liv Moore (Rose McIver) in IZombie. This show had an amazing couple seasons as Liv struggled to deal with both human and zombie problems before it went somewhere no zombie show should ever go.

  1. R (Nicholas Hoult) from Warm Bodies. I’m a romantic and he’s adorable even as a zombie. What can I say?

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