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Grab a copy of Dakota Star’s new release, Christmas Spirits, on November 15, 2022. The romantic thriller is on sale for only .99.

Ash has always felt at home in the small town of Humble, Connecticut, especially for the holidays. After her husband’s death, she never thought she’d love again, but then Cole Whelan arrived. His good looks and haunted hazel eyes were impossible to ignore, and their passion put an end to her simple, ordered life. This year, she can’t wait to celebrate with hot chocolate, a tree to decorate, and presents, lots of presents.

But when Ash stumbles into a cave and a corpse during a run, Christmas turns into crisis. There’s a killer on the hunt, and she’s his next target. With the snow falling, Ash hosting for the holidays, and another mysterious murder, will all hope of holiday cheer be trashed like old wrapping paper?

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Apocalipstick is free today! Grab your copy on Amazon.

Life is bad after the apocalypse . . . the undead just made it worse.

“My dreams pre-pandemic included a high school graduation party before attending college and marrying an attractive future lawyer. Instead, I’m praying for a long, sharp knife and a big gun to survive the undead.” —Jenna

Jenna Martin lives in a world gone insane after a mysterious pandemic kills much of the population. Being alive after an apocalypse is bad, but it is made worse when the multitudes killed by the disease return ravenous for human flesh. Jenna, in serious trouble and pursued by undead, heads to the safest place available, a cemetery.

Ready to give up, she finds the strength to persevere for one more night and meets a group of survivors willing to take her in. The group caravans to Virginia, where they plan to inhabit an isolated inn called High Point, but the undead are always close behind. Packs of zombies, known as Streakers, attack, leaving Jenna and the other survivors battling for their lives and racing toward safety.

Once safely isolated at the inn, the group rebuilds society and Jenna begins a relationship with Caleb. Although he withstood the virus, he has not come out unscathed. He and some others now labeled the New Race have changed into what many would call zombie kin—vampires.

Jenna falls hard and fast for Caleb, which causes more problems than she ever expected in the fledgling society. But there are worse things than vampires and zombies searching for her, and they arrive at the inn’s door ready for destruction.

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Freyja on the move. I am death.

Freyja does her job well. Since being recruited by Death as a reaper to claim souls, she works long hours and late nights to make him happy. But when Daxon enters the picture, everything changes. With a body and soul equal parts desirable and pure, Freyja cannot help but fall in love and raise him from the dead.

A reaper in love goes against the rules and vexes Death. He banishes them both to purgatory, but Freyja’s special skills are soon needed.

She wakes alone in Salem, Massachusetts, and is soon immersed in all things witchy. There’s a new evil in the form of a powerful coven and a demonic presence. From a long line of witches herself, Freyja is the only one who can fight them—if her magical powers would appear.

Can Freyja get back into Death’s good graces, rescue the world from a powerful evil, and save Daxon all over again?