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Freyja on the move. I am death.

Freyja does her job well. Since being recruited by Death as a reaper to claim souls, she works long hours and late nights to make him happy. But when Daxon enters the picture, everything changes. With a body and soul equal parts desirable and pure, Freyja cannot help but fall in love and raise him from the dead.

A reaper in love goes against the rules and vexes Death. He banishes them both to purgatory, but Freyja’s special skills are soon needed.

She wakes alone in Salem, Massachusetts, and is soon immersed in all things witchy. There’s a new evil in the form of a powerful coven and a demonic presence. From a long line of witches herself, Freyja is the only one who can fight them—if her magical powers would appear.

Can Freyja get back into Death’s good graces, rescue the world from a powerful evil, and save Daxon all over again?

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