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Dying is anything but rosy.

Zombies, I expect.
Dying during the zombie apocalypse is not an option, but a mysterious illness almost finishes the job of the undead. Outside the fortified High Point Inn, flesh-eaters rampage, turmoil within the ranks intensifies, and my best friend, Lilly, has been kidnapped. Sure, I was in a coma, but that’s no excuse.
I slept through it all, but I’m wide awake now.
I develop a rescue plan. Once recuperated, Caleb and I are off into the wilderness to find Lilly. Along the journey, I face the ugly truth that not every monster is evil and not every human has a soul. The living dead and other ugly surprises along my journey nearly send me to the grave. Again.
Hordes of zombies, mysterious illnesses, the death of friends, and now a kidnapping.

How much can one person take?

Blush of Death:

Liquid Foundations:

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