Freebie Friday

Don’t have a lot of time this weekend? Need a quick read? Grab my free short story, “Carnivorous.”

Ghosts don’t lie. When a specter tells Natalie the carnival that arrived in town is dangerous, she believes it. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to run and hide from evil, especially when ghosts haunt your daytime and your dreams.

If Natalie does nothing else right, she’s not going to enter carnival hell alone. She’ll bring a date.

If you like “Carnivorous,” grab a copy of “Apocalipstick from Amazon. It makes a great holiday stocking stuffer for horror, zombie, and vampire fans. Love urban fiction, stories of the apocalypse, dystopian worlds, and a twist of romance. This book has it all!

Still not sure, check out the review on Goodreads.

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