I’m Thankful for Books

I’m so thankful for the people who inspire me, the great indie authors and publishers I work with, and being able to spend some time this long weekend with family and reading and writing. “The Festival” was a collaborative effort from start to finish, brainstormed with family and friends. I am so so thankful for their input and creativity. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Check out the blurb for “The Festival” and pre-order for only pennies on Amazon: https://books2read.com/perfectpotions

Blurb: Ron ventures to Hopewell, Vermont with his lovely wife Dagny. In her hometown, he dreams of penning a novel and retiring from his demanding life as a lawyer in New York City. He gets everything he wants plus a haunting rural silence and the brown robes.

The hush of country life plagues him like a malevolent entity, but what’s worse, Ron is not sure if madness has followed him to town when robe-clad figures begin stalking him.

Dagny, his ever-supportive wife, nurses him with her homemade teas. While they help calm him and restore his energy, Ron wonders if that’s all they are doing. His paranoia deepens as Dagny reconnects with friends and joins the committee to work on the town’s big event, the Rejuvenation Festival. Are his wife’s brews really for his benefit or some darker purpose?

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