FREE Spooky Reads

The following titles will be FREE on Amazon from Limitless Publishing Oct. 31 – Nov 4.
~ Carnival of Nightmares — Find my story “Carnivorous” here at
CON Boxset
~ 13 Deja Vu
~ 13 Resurrected
~ Blind Trust by Adam Zorzi
~ Her Black Heart by AJ Norris
~ The Ghost Files 2 by Apryl Baker
~ Seer by Amy Reece
~ Cheerleading Can Be Murder by Carissa Ann Lynch (perma-free)
~ Cutting Up the Competition by Carissa Ann Lynch
~ Above the Flames by Cassandra Fear
~ The Spirit by D. Nichole King
~ Beneath A Sinister Moon by DA Roach
~ Cloud Red by Daisy White
~ Bloodsucking Lawyer by Nadia Diament
~ Red Moon by RK Close
~ A Cold Case by KD Van Brunt
~ The Dying Game by Sara Schoen & Taylor Henderson
~ Amber Alert by Sara Schoen
~ The Lamb Was Sure to Go by Jackie Sonnenberg
~ The Rest Will Come by Christina Bergling
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