Meet Karny Valle! Available Now!

Karny Valle has one problem—men, and The Carnival of Sins provides her the tools she needs to deal with them. After meeting Bill Buckingham, she’s dying show him the errors in his greedy and lustful ways, or she’ll make his death a night to remember.




Carnival of Strange Things 3d

🎈 Releasing May 14th
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🎈 Featuring #horror stories by Lisa Acerbo, Luke Swanson, Rita Delude, Sara Schoen, Erin Lee Author, Rob Smales, Stacey Longo, D.A. Deborah Josupait Roach, Aaron White, Amy Crandall, Samie Sands Author, Liz Botts!

Carnival of Strange Things front

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up. The carnival is about to begin, and the show is to die for…

Grab your ticket and take a seat. The ringmaster’s opening act? A creature showcasing its bloody feat.

There are haunting spirits with much to tell. Tales of torture and screams straight from the burning flames of hell.

Tick-tock goes the time, seconds passing by as you slowly lose your mind.


Evil is coming, and it’s striking from behind.

Horror and fear, like filth on your skin it clings,
Question is, are you brave enough to endure…

The Carnival of Strange Things?

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