Car Shopping

I hate to say stereotypes are prominent but I just had the worst car shopping experience ever at Grieco Honda in Rhode Island.

First, my daughter and I went. I hate to say they treat women differently but they were so rude and condescending from the start.  We asked the sales rep Jermaine to look at a trade in but he wouldn’t even go outside to inspect it. They offered $500 without an inspection on the trade in even though other dealerships offered $1500.

He then lied about not having a Carfax for the car we wanted to purchase. We went home and pulled it up and paid $40 for the Carfax because he wouldn’t and said it didn’t exist. We think the car must have been reported sold because it had never been titled but had no warranty.

We looked at a different dealership but finally thought the Honda Hybrid would be the best deal. When we went back the salesman was rude and wouldn’t even take our credit information. Finally a manager got involved and they did take out credit information but offered high financing to my daughter after lying about her credit score. She monitors it online and they told her a number much lower. It’s like they don’t want to sell cars and this one has been sitting on the lot since 2014.

Horrible customer service. Stay away from this dealership.

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