March Book Recommendation

Light in Shadow by Jane Ann Krentz


This was my first Krentz book. Yes. Really. I just discovered her as an author. I enjoyed Light in Shadow for a variety of reasons, and it is my March recommended reading.

The main character Zoe Luce has an interesting history and is hiding a big secret.  Now a successful interior designer in a small town known as Whispering Springs, her past is coming to find her. Ethan Truax, a local private investigator, has an equally complicated history.

The two world collide when Zoe hires Ethan to help her solve a murder. How does she know about it? She hears screaming in the walls.  After Zoe hires Ethan to solve the case, Zoe’s personal life begins to untangle and Ethan gets more and more involved.

Great characters, great set-up, and for most of the book, I was along for the ride. My only struggle came with some of the dialogue. There were times where I paused and asked, “Do people really speak like that?” Maybe they do, and I’m just stuck in the 80″s with the Breakfast Club as reference for my vernacular.

For the most part, I loved the motivation of all the characters and the twists and turns of the plot. Without giving away any spoilers, I will say there was one big reveal when I was let down.  I didn’t think the character would have done what he did (hint, hint: the accountant from Xanadu).

Overall, an engaging read sure to make you wonder what the walls in your house are whispering.


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