Decorative Gourd Season Begins

Ash faces lots of challenges, the least being planning a Halloween-themed party. Challenges hopefully keep us moving forward. Will Ash be willing to move forward and accept love or is something supernatural holding her back? What did you learn from some of the challenges that arose in 2020? How did you grow? Grab a copyContinue reading “Decorative Gourd Season Begins”

Sensational Saturday!

What an excellent way to wake up. Despite the fact the dog jumped on me at 4:30 am and demanded I get up, it’s already been a great day! It’s an amazing Saturday. because Twelve Months of Awkward Moments is now in print on Amazon @   And “Carnivorous” in Carnival of Nightmares is now availableContinue reading “Sensational Saturday!”

The Carnival of Nightmares Has Arrived

It’s here! Get a copy and check out my short story “Carnivorous”! #CarnivalOfNightmares…Releasing Oct. 16th PERFECT for this #Halloween! #PREORDER today! #99c Featuring: #BradonNave, #ChrisPClay, #ChristinaBerling, #ErinLee, #JimOdy, #JoshuaMacmillan, #LisaAcerbo, #RobSmales, #SamieSands, #StaceyLongo Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Design #BLURB You lie awake at night fearing them. Wondering when they will come for you. SomeContinue reading “The Carnival of Nightmares Has Arrived”