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Coming soon…Preorder today! And look for the sting of the scorpion in volume III. Witching Hour: Zodiac Buy Links Universal Link: Amazon: iBooks: Nook (Barnes & Noble): Kobo:

From Ideas to Instagram

Recently, I’ve had a couple people talk to me about writing a book. Do you know someone with a work in progress and questions to go along? I’m hosting a workshop on July 27th at the Storyteller’s Cottage in Simsbury. Great venue and lots of information. Learn about tools to help prepare a manuscript forContinue reading “From Ideas to Instagram”

No Easy Keepers

I opened my printer the other day to scan some new author contracts only to find that an old paper plastered to the glass. With dog pee. The urine had not only glued the form to the glass but managed to find its way into the inner workings of the machine.  The desk and printerContinue reading “No Easy Keepers”