In the Kitchen with Lisa Acerbo

Who would have thought I’d end up in the kitchen? It’s kind of a funny story. I love to write about vampires and zombies and spend a heck of a lot of time describing the carnage that ensues, but truth be told, I’m a vegetarian. I haven’t touched red meat in close to 30 years.Continue reading “In the Kitchen with Lisa Acerbo”

My Favorite Zombies

Who’d you’d like to face off with? 10 favorite zombie characters in film and Literature 10. Zombieland clown zombie. My two biggest fears combined. I guess Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) and I can bond over this if we survive the apocalypse. 9. The food pantry zombies from The Walking dead. These were so scary I watchedContinue reading “My Favorite Zombies”

Q & A with the Author

Do you believe in the paranormal and if so, do you have an experience you can share? My daughter’s room is upstairs. The master bedroom is downstairs. When my daughter was around 14 and not long after my father passed away, she came stumbling and screaming down the stairs.  “A man’s sitting in the chairContinue reading “Q & A with the Author”

Apocalipstick Excerpt and GC Giveaway

Excerpt REMNANTS OF TOPPLED CASH REGISTERS, broken carts, card‐ board boxes, and plastic bags littered the floor.  “Paper or plastic,” Quentin kicked a white bag. It flew across the room like a specter.  Brazen vermin squealed and scurried in front of Jenna’s feet. Most of the shelves were not only empty but badly deteriorated. Still,Continue reading “Apocalipstick Excerpt and GC Giveaway”

Couple’s Court: Jenna and Caleb Style

A hush falls over the courtroom. Spectators stare. A dark-haired woman holds a baseball bat covered in blood and bits of gore. She faces off against a tall, pale man. An ax rests at the base of the table he stands behind. “It’s about the bloodlust thing.” Jenna declares from her side of the room.Continue reading “Couple’s Court: Jenna and Caleb Style”