Another New Release

Perfect Potions has arrived. Check out my new short story “The Festival.”

In mythology and literature, magical potions are created by magicians, fairies, or witches. Since even the early days of man, potions have fascinated mankind.

Potions have been both feared and appreciated for their abilities and properties. As much as a potion can be helpful in healing, it can also be created to cause chaos, illness, and even death.

The most talented and experienced potion makers can brew up potions that really work, some inexperienced potion makers, well, not so much success.

Eleven of your favorite best-selling authors have joined together to bring you stories featuring potions. These amazing authors will give you death and destruction with just a sip.

New Release! Death Takes A Lover

Here you’ll encounter fairy tales from across the globe, reimagined and reinvented by a group of talented authors. Expect scintillating stories to get your heart-racing and prepare for sweet seduction. Searching for steamy mystical entanglements? You’ve come to the right place.

Includes the delicious writings from these inventive authors: Jack Archer, Tiffany K. Brooke, Rynn Collins, Melissa Cummins, A.C. Dawn, Andra Dill, T. Elizabeth Guthrie, Sheri Lynn, E.S. McMillan, Jennie L. Morris, Samantha Preston-Morris, Kate Seger, Dakota Star, Whitney Zahar

Decorative Gourd Season Begins

Ash faces lots of challenges, the least being planning a Halloween-themed party. Challenges hopefully keep us moving forward.

Will Ash be willing to move forward and accept love or is something supernatural holding her back?

What did you learn from some of the challenges that arose in 2020? How did you grow?

Grab a copy of A Haunted Love now. A perfect way to start the decorative gourd season. Available at Amazon:

Hot Moroccan Nights Now Available



*Picture in your mind all the things you can do in Morocco in the sultry summertime. Stroll Through the Blue Streets of Chefchaouen. Steam in a Traditional Hammam. Overnight in the Sahara Desert. Unwind in the Majorelle Gardens. Trek the High Atlas Mountains. Explore Marrakesh’s Saadian Tombs. Let’s not forget the food, the spices, the teas, and the shopping! This is only a very short list of what Morocco has to offer. But most of all, let’s not forget the romance.Eight best-selling authors have joined together to bring you eight romantic tales set in the incredible North African country of Morocco that will surely unleash your sultry side.



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