Welcome to 50: Why Getting Older Sucks

Doctors refer to you as a “woman of a certain age.” Then they schedule every bleeping test available. Do I look like I have that much time to sit in doctors’ offices? I’m not old enough to retire. You receive a birthday card from AARP confirming that you are now eligible to join. Really? AreContinue reading “Welcome to 50: Why Getting Older Sucks”

Open Submission Calls

I finished a big rewrite recently and don’t know what to start next. I have ideas, lots of ideas  for books, but the thought of penning another 50,000-word disaster leaves me running to Facebook for a distraction. Instead, I compiled some short story and novella open calls. I’m thinking it is easier to tackle 10,000Continue reading “Open Submission Calls”

Summer Netflix – Brain on Fire

I recently watched two enjoyable Netflix films — Brain on Fire and Tau — and thought I would provide a quick review of Brain on Fire for anyone who has a few hours to binge.  I’ll get to Tau soon. As a mom who spent three days in the hospital with her adult daughter suffering fromContinue reading “Summer Netflix – Brain on Fire”